What If?
                   by Rhett Ellis

    Want to change your world? Here's an excerpt from Rhett's
    book, "The Strongest Defense For Christianity" This would be a
    really good way to begin.....

For in Christ, neither our most conscientious religion nor disregard of
religion amounts to anything. What matters is something far more interior:
faith expressed in love.(
Galatians 5:6 )

                                                                      What If?

    What if every human heart was full of love for mankind in general and day-to-
    day companions in particular? What if every human being treated every
    other human being with the dignity deserved by the image of God? What if
    all served all, each attempting to give more than he or she received? What
    if everyone lived in the way of Christ?

    What if the wealthy forgave the debts of the poor? What if the poor gave up
    their resentment of the wealthy? What if those who could afford luxury
    chose ruggedness, investing their lives in helping mankind, yet never
    seeking credit for their good deeds? What if the wise gave themselves to
    helping the foolish?

    What if mercy prevailed over justice? What if love prevailed over fear?
    What if the peacemakers were more respected than the makers of war?
    What if every child was welcomed into the world? What if healthy young
    people sought the company of the aged and infirm?

    What if the high places were brought low and the low places lifted up? What
    if to be a servant was to be honored as a king and to be a king a ludicrous
    joke? What if instead of blindly throwing money at pompous religious
    leaders, people searched for true need and met it? What if when problems
    arose people did not ask how or whose fault but solved them? What if trust
    and truthfulness filled every human relationship? What if people stopped
    wearing their false faces? What if everyone lived in the way of Christ?

    What if meekness was considered a positive character trait and
    aggressiveness a vice? What if enemies loved their enemies until there
    were no more enemies? What if all sins were forgiven? What if people
    understood the hidden pain in people's hearts and comforted each other?
    What if no one judged anyone? What if everyone hungered and thirsted for
    righteousness? What kind of world would this be if everyone lived in the
    way of Christ?

    What if the strong gave themselves to carrying the weak? What if all the
    swords were beaten into plowshares? What if people spent less time filling
    their wallets and more time filling their souls? What if you loved me and I
    loved you? What if everyone lived in the way of Christ?

    (Excerpted by permission from "The Strongest Defense of Christianity" by Rhett Ellis. Free to Forward with
    this notation.)

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