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What consequence did God give Adam and Eve for eating the forbidden fruit? ----------

Who planted the trees in the Garden of Eden? ----------

Who created everything that was created, including the serpent that deceived Eve?

Who knows all things? ----------

Who has all power? ----------

How many families did God say would be blessed by Abraham’s seed? ----------

Who rolled back the Red Sea? ----------

Who made water come from a rock? ----------

Who caused a virgin to conceive and have a child? ---------

Who subjected all of creation to futility without creation having a say in it? ----------

What goal did the Creator have when He subjected His creation to futility? ----------

Who created evil? ----------

Who is the “waster” that God said He created? ----------

Why did God create the “waster”? ----------

What is the end result of that “way that seems right” to man? ----------

When does the Bible say the Lamb of God, Christ, was slain? ----------

What does the Bible tell us that God plans to restore? ----------

What/who does the Bible say has been reconciled to God through Christ? ----------

Who was created by God and for God? ----------

How many “like sheep” went astray? ----------

How many of the “like sheep” were blessed to have their iniquities laid on the Lord?

What is the first reference in the Bible to any kind of punishment after one’s  

How many people does God require to repent? ----------

How many does God say will know Him? ----------

How many nations shall come and worship God? ----------

How many of this world’s kingdoms will belong to God? ----------

How did Jesus say we will get to the Father? ----------

Who did Jesus come to save? ----------

How many did Jesus say that He would draw to Himself, if He was crucified on the
cross? ----------

When does God’s mercy expire? ----------

What did Christ come to do? ----------

When were the names written into the Book of Life? ----------

Who did Jesus come to save? ----------

How many people “died” in Adam? ----------

How many people are made alive in Christ? ----------

How many people’s sins was Christ’s propitiation for? ----------

Of whom did John say that Jesus was savior? ----------

How long is an “age”? ----------

How many Greek words are used to indicate punishment of people in the Bible? ----------

How many of those words indicate endlessness? ----------

Does the Bible contradict itself? ----------

Who was the “everlasting” (aionion) fire created for? ---------

Who is the Devil? ----------

Who are the devil’s angels? ----------

Did Jesus call anybody the devil/Satan? ----------

How many of the “Hell” verses in the Bible mention accepting Jesus as savior? ----------

How many words in the Bible are translated Hell? ----------

Who does the Old Testament say went to Hell? ----------

Who did the Old Testament prophets warn about Hell? ----------

Who did Jesus warn about Hell? ----------

Who did Paul warn about Hell? ----------

How many of us can fight with God and win because we don‘t like the role we were
assigned in life? ----------

How can we live this life victoriously no matter what our role is? ----------

How many of us can trust the fact that God is not going to harm the people we love?

How can we learn to love our enemies? ----------

Is it possible to learn to love our enemies? ----------

Why do we need to love our enemies? ----------

How can I do anything to change my lot in life? ----------

Why should I call on the Lord to help me when I am troubled? -----------

What if God doesn't’ help the way I think He should? ----------

How can I make God do things my way? ----------

How does my life affect the people around me? ----------

Will God still help me even if I am angry at Him? ----------

Is God angry at me if I don’t know how to trust or believe? ----------

Will He give me time to learn how to trust and believe? ----------

If I were in an impossible situation that I couldn't get out of, would I ask God for help, if
He said He could help me? ----------

How many people have you tried to keep out of Hell today? ----------

How many people have you tried to keep out of Hell in the last week? ----------

How many people have you tried to keep out of Hell in the last month? ----------

How many people have you tried to keep out of Hell in the last year? ----------

Have you ever warned anyone of Hell? ----------

Do you really believe in Hell? ----------

Do you care if people are going to Hell? ----------

Do you think that there's anything you could do to prevent them from going? ----------

Do you, personally, know anyone who cares that people are going to Hell? ----------

If you knew Hell was a reality would you ever have children who may go there? ----------

Who do you think goes to Hell? ----------

Why have you not tried to keep anybody from going there? ----------

Do you believe God is ever unfair? ----------

Do you believe that it would be unfair of God to blind the eyes of the Jews so they
couldn't believe the gospel, THEN, send them to Hell to burn forever and ever, for not
believing the gospel? ----------

Do you believe it would be unfair for God to send someone to Hell if they never heard
the gospel or even had to ability to read the Bible? ----------

Would it make it easier for you to be a believer if you knew that Hell was never an
option for people? ----------

Would you be willing to look into the scriptures to find out? ----------

Are you afraid to look for fear of what God would do to you? ----------

Do you believe that God only speaks through preachers? ----------

Do you believe God was serious when He told us in the Bible to study the Bible to be
sure what we have been taught is true? ----------

What if the Hell words, in the original language of the Bible means something different
to what you were taught it means? ----------

What if the Hell words, in the original language of the Bible make sense? ----------

Would you have more respect for God if you knew that He never planned to burn
anybody in Hell? ----------

Would you think the possibility of everyone eventually coming to know God, through
Jesus Christ, even exists? ----------

Is it important enough to search the Bible to see? ----------

Does it make you fearful to think that it is not important enough? ----------

Would it make you feel better to know that God loves you even if it is not the main
thing on your mind? ----------

If you found out that the Hell teaching of traditional Christianity was not true, would you
be angry at the people who told you it was true? ----------

Would you be relieved to know that nobody will spend eternity in Hell? ----------
This will take a while, especially, if you look up these questions in
the Bible. Most of them, I'm sure you will know right off, but some
may take a little looking.

Anyway, food for thought. I have come to the conclusion that we
read the Bible mainly to support what we already think we believe,
not to find out what's really there.

Let's be Bereans and search to see if the things we have been
taught are true. Not to say we will ever find all the truth but I believe
we can find enough to allow us to be at peace in this life and even
enjoy it.