See the little fish in the net? They all seem to be going in different directions don't
they? They can't see that someone is pulling the net that they are swimming in.

Kind of like us isn't it? We think we are all going our own directions but, all the while
God is drawing us to Himself.  

Because of the teaching of eternal torment, or, eternity in Hell, a lot of Christians
believe that we do have freewill as far as our eternal destination goes. It makes God
look a whole lot better to say, we
choose  to go to Hell, rather, than think He
intentionally created most people to go there for all time.  That would be a bummer
wouldn't it? Although, the real, died in the wool, Calvinists, believe just that.

As far as the predestination of us humans go, I probably believe in predestination,
just don't believe some/most are predestined for eternity in Hell....sheesh! What a

Of course, then, you really need to get into the 4 definitions of Hell, in the bible, not
just use one blanket term for four different words WITH four DIFFERENT  
meanings.... this would be a good time to look at the
"What Is Hell In The Bible" page.