After writing out my own testimony of how I came to Christ
and came into the knowledge of Universal Salvation, I
realized all over just how good God has been to me.

In the "busy ness" of living sometimes we just take our
relationship with God for granted. Having to write down
how it all happened causes us to really think about it and
appreciate it, or, if need be, question it.

On, the "What's Your Story" page, I would like to add your
testimony of how you came to Christ. And, if you have
joined the many Christians who now see God in a different
light as far as the punishment of unbelievers goes, please,
add that too.


If you have some objections that you would like to point
out, please, feel free to do so.  Questions are also

You can send your feedback to me at

Thank You,


If you don't want your name published, tell me and I won't
add it with your testimony.
Your Comments

    Svetlio's comments
    May 19, 2007

    Well, I've had ( and sometimes I have ) difficulties with accepting the hell doctrine. I have a
    girlfriend ( we are going to marry each other ) and she believes in eternal torment. I've never
    told her my difficulties with the hell doctrine.

    One day I said to myself: If there are other people that believe in everlasting torment and
    love God together, I may also do it. There shouldn't be problem for me to love God and
    believe in everlasting hell. Now, I don't know whether I love God better than in previous
    months and years, but at least I don't think about hell anymore. I just don't want to imagine
    hell. Or I just say to myself: This is a place destined for the fallen angels and demons and it's
    not for me and God came to save me from this place...
    So, there shouldn't be a problem for me anymore...

    Svetlio from Bulgaria

    Hello, Svetlio, glad you stopped by. Congratulations on your engagement! I imagine there
    are lots of people who really do have trouble reconciling the doctrine of eternal torment with
    a loving God but because the Bible reads the way it does, they don't think they have the
    option of questioning it.

    So, there are many, many, Christians who do indeed love God and have had their lives
    changed by Him, who do believe that unbelievers will spend eternity in suffering and pain. It is
    possible because they don't know any different and evidently, this knowledge of Universal
    Salvation does seem to come to us on a  "need to know" basis.

    God bless and stop by again. :)



    Debra's comments
    May 28, 2007

    About 4 years ago I did a study about tithing. I can't, for
    the life of me, figure out why I wanted to study tithing, but I did. I
    found L.Ray Smiths website bibletruths and he had a series on the lake
    of fire. It was over 2 years later, that I read the first article.

    I really wanted to believe in UR, but what if Mr. Smith was unable to
    prove it? Finally, one day I read the first installment and spent 4
    months reading and studying UR. I just couldn't stop studying until I knew,
    one way or another, whether UR was right. I spent every spare minute
    on this subject and one morning I woke up with a peace that passes all
    understanding. Everything fit! Jesus really did die to save all mankind!
    There is no hell where people are tortured ane tormented forever.

    I also had gone through a period of intense depression before I started
    my search about UR. I hated God and told Him if I was to go to hell, I
    didn't care. I just couldn't understand how a good, loving God could
    torture his own creation. God was the one who put the desire in my heart
    to study it out.

    Now, the scriptures are making sense to me. There is a group of people
    chosen on earth right now who are to walk with God. The rest of
    creation will walk with Him later. The reason people hate God is because they
    haven't seen Him as He really is. Once they see Him as He really is,
    they will love Him too.

    Wow! Can I ever relate, Debra!  When I read my first article on Universal Salvation, I spent
    every spare minute I had and some I didn't have on it. I spent the first two years trying to
    prove it untrue. I knew, even as much as I wanted it to be true, that if I could refute it, that I
    would just have to dismiss it and not dwell on it anymore. But, of course, that would have
    been impossible for me. How in the world can someone who thinks they may have a family
    member burning in hell, not think about it? And, during that period of time I had gone through
    this process of learning to love people...all of em, so the thought of anyone burning in hell
    forever was so preposterous, I just don't know what would have been my outcome if I had not
    found this "truth of Universal Salvation"

    Thanks for your comments. Drop by anytime :)



    Bruce's Comments
    June 4, 2007
    Pittsburg, PA

    Hi Debbie,

    I was snooping around your website and wanted to let you know how much I’m loving it! What
    a powerful truth you speak!... a life-changing truth!

    Don’t know if you saw it yet, but I’m shutting down, and joining in with the guys at I hope you’ll stop by and visit sometime!

    BTW, I loved your family pictures too! I have some pictures on my family website. See what
    you think. Almost forgot… we’re nearly the same age! All along, I thought you were some
    freshface fancypants youngster! Hahaha.



    Hey Bruce,

    Good to see you over here :) I can't find your family website..where is it?
    Glad you like the site. I have been having lots of fun working on it. Love the boldgrace,com
    site :)  

    Ha! No youngster here....over the half-century mark.

    Drop back in, fun talkin to ya :)



    Avis's comments
    June 16, 2007


    I visited your website after reading some of your posts on where you were inquiring about "eternal punishment/punishing".

    I am a Christian, however the beliefs that I strive to follow do not
    agree with Traditional Christianity. This subject is only one of them.

    I would sincerely like to talk to you in more detail than this method
    would really permit.

    Believe it or not, "eternal punishMENT" is in the Bible, but "eternal
    punishING" is not.  There is a GREAT BIG difference.

    Hi Avis, thanks for you interest :) You can email me at I am
    always open to learning new things and hearing views other than my own. That sounds
    interesting eternal punishment but not punishing... Get in touch :)

    Stop back by,



    Keith's Comments
    December 1, 2007


    Your site is very encouraging, very well laid out and easy to
    understand. I praise God for you. Keep up the good work. I am so glad I don't
    have to believe God is an ETERNAL TORTURER anymore.


    Hello Keith, thanks for stopping by. You said, "I am so glad I don't
    have to believe God is an ETERNAL TORTURER anymore.". To which I add a great, big,
    AMEN!  That is the biggest, relief, ever in my life.

    I hope my site is easy to understand. I would just love to help people learn to be at rest with
    the Lord. You know, just realize that He has it all under control and has had before He
    created the world. And, honestly, I just do not believe rest is possible, if in the back of our
    minds we are really wondering what will happen to us when we die...will we be OK? Did we
    "believe" the right thing about God/Jesus? Will we be one of the one's who hears Jesus say,
    "depart from Me you workers of iniquity?" Did we have the right kind of faith? Sheesh...that's
    not faith, that is fear!

    I love the verse in Hebrews 2 that talks about Jesus taking on flesh and dying for us so we
    wouldn't be fearing death all of our lives.( v 14-15 I think.)

    He's got us where He wants us and His plan is clicking along right on time.

    Stop by anytime :)


    Sherry's Comments
    September 20. 2008

    Hello, I come from a church background that teaches
    annihilation, do any of the articles touch on annihilation vs UR. I have been
    looking into UR and want it to be true. I need to study and pray more
    about UR.



    Thanks for your comment!! I will tell you what I believe about annihilation vs UR and I really
    do believe it is true. I first leaned toward annihilation myself because it is so much more
    humane that burning someone but never allowing them to burn up....sheesh!

    I believe both, eternal torment and annihilation negates Jesus' mission to this earth. I don't
    see how all things can be restored or all men could be drawn to Christ if even one remains in
    Hell (the one most Christians believe in ) or is annihilated. It just doesn't fit all the scripture, to

    The apostle Paul said he believed in the resurrection of the just and the unjust. Granted, I
    believe those who are called of God, who fail to bow their knee(will) to HIm, will reap the
    benefits of weeping and shame because of the role they could have played in God's plan for
    humanity and also for the most intimate relationship of all times.  I believe this is what Daniel
    meant in 12:2  

    Daniel 12:2 And many of them that sleep in the dust of the earth shall awake, some to
    everlasting life, and some to shame and everlasting  contempt.


    1 Corinthians 15:22  For as in Adam all  die, even  so  in  Christ  shall  all  be made alive .

    That is how I see it. I believe annihilation goes against God's intent as much as eternal
    torment. (from a scriptural standpoint)We were made by God and FOR  God!

    Keep studying and talking to God about it. I guess trying to keep in mind that all the
    scriptures need to agree, basically, in order to really establish something that is dependable
    to believe, is how I see all of this. If you keep in mind that the seeming annihilation scriptures,
    (mainly referring to destruction)  when viewed with purposeful judgment in mind, don't
    disssagree with the reconciliation of all, AND, neither do the eternal torment scriptures, when
    viewed from the meanings of the  original words for ..judgment...condemn, Hell, everlasting,

    All the scriptures agree from the point of God creating all for Himself. The ones who submit to
    Him are immensely blessed and the one's who don't, have to go through whatever judgment
    is required to bring them to the end of themselves. God alone know those requirements.

    I believe we have so much to look forward to.

    Thanks again for you comment.

    Rob's Comments
    November 6, 2008

    Hi Debbie,
    I'm glad to see you found release from this horrible doctrine.  I
    struggled with it for a long time as well but I discovered that the doctrine
    of eternal punishment was made up by pagan religious leaders to
    control people and was introduced into the Christian religion by pagan
    converts, for the same reason.  It's basically the biggest case of extortion
    ever committed.  I'm hoping the day will come when we will be done with
    this horrid, primitive belief and get on with living life the way God


    Thanks for your comments. It really is a relief to know what i know, now. Drop back by
    anytime with your thoughts and comments.

    God BLess!

    Debbie :)

    John's Comments
    February 6, 2009

    your website is so refreshing, since The Lord opened my eyes to who He is and the plan He
    has for us I can honestly say that for the first time in my live I experienced joy unspeakable.
    No more bad news in the Gospel of Good News.

    Thank you so much.


    I hear you loud and clear :) Stop by anytime.

    God Bless!


    Jill's Comments
    April 12, 2009

    I believe that if JESUS CHRIST didn't die on the CROSS for us we would all end up in hell. So
    he loved us so much that he died so we can have eternal life with him.!


    Thanks for taking the time to reply. This is how I believed for most of my
    Christian life too. But, when it came my time to face the death/Heaven/Hell
    question, I had to think a little deeper than just wondering about Hell. After
    reading, praying, contemplating, looking at the original languages of the
    BIble, I have concluded that the Hell passages speak of punishment but not
    endless punishment. I can't see that benefiting anyone. We were made for
    God and I don't believe He is so unaware of things that He would let His
    creation be taken from Him...that what's redemption is all about. Getting back
    what is yours in the first place. :)

    God Bless,


    Elaine's Comments  July 22, 2009

    Read it here. Too lengthy for this page.

    Mike Clegg's Comments:    July 11, 2009

    Hey Debbie,

    No Life. No Redemption. An unfulfilled will of God. A huge inner turmoil within God Himself
    since it was God who provided Himself in Christ as the slain lamb. No hope for mankind or
    God. Can you imagine God not having hope of seeing His Creation restored...? So God
    would have truly created in vain --- and thankfully that just can't happen.

    Hey Mike,

    So glad you dropped by. :) I'm so glad I found out that that's not the way it is....  "No
    hope for mankind or God".... That is how it would be if most of humanity were really
    doomed to everlasting torture.....  

    I really don't think people think about God's "stake" in this deal. We are so stuck on
    ourselves that we don't see that God would be losing the people He created for

    Drop by with your wise words anytime :)


    Helen Davis' Comments:    July 2, 2009

    I'm having a lot of trouble right now- I'd appreciate a prayer.


    So sorry there is trouble in your life. I do pray that God meets the need/needs that
    you need Him to meet in your life. I pray for Spirit filled people to be accessible to
    you too.


    Nicolas' comments      September 10, 2009

    I'm Nicolás from Argentina. I completely agree with your view of Universal Salvation, couldn't
    believe in a "eternally angry" God. I love your website.

    There's still something I don't know how to refute:

    Many Christians say that even those who haven't heard of the Gospel (such as Aztecs) will
    go to hell
    by quoting ROMANS 1:20 , they are "without excuse"
    I haven't find in your website (maybe it's there but I can't find it) or anywhere else how to
    refuse that.
    Would you tell me what it means or, if it is explained in your website, where can I find it?
    I thank you in advance. Sorry for my English


    Jesus only spoke to the Jewish people who had rejected Him as the prophesied
    messiah about Hell. But, that certainly doesn't mean those who were not Jews were
    not condemned by the fall of Adam, as every other human was. We all have come
    short of God's glory and ALL need a savior. That's why Jesus died. My belief is that
    "Hell", specifically was directed to the Jews because they insisted on their own
    good works and self righteousness to gain acceptance with God. They were
    prideful that they were considered God's chosen.

    Paul, however, speaks of "eternal (aionion) destruction from the presence of the
    Lord" for those who do not obey the gospel. Remember in Acts 17 Paul told the idol
    worshipers that God commands all men to come to repentance? And, in John 12:32,
    Jesus said He will draw ALL to himself? Those who have not yielded their will to
    Christ and repented will not be raised in the first resurrection but the 2nd one.
    They will not enjoy the blessings of the believers in the ages to come. But, if it is
    like God, Himself, has said "All will know me" then it stands to reason that the
    judgment (lake of fire) is what God uses to "break" these hard, stubborn,

    John also spoke of the wrath of God abiding on those who don't believe. I believe
    we have to understand the purpose of God's wrath is to cause us to see that we
    have to have God and when that happens, we will call on Him...gratefully.

    That is how I see it now. I hope it helps.

    Debbie :)

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