You  know, I thought I had it all figured out
once....the Hell thing.

And, for a while I did, at least I thought I did.  
But, then logic and reasoning took over again
and I was right back to square one, back to the
proverbial drawing board.
Me:   Lord, why did you create so many people knowing most of them
would not accept Christ as their savior and die and go to Hell?

God:   Why did you create the three people you created?(He answers
with a question)

Me:     I wanted children... A family.

God:   I wanted a family too.

Me: But you had to know that most of them would go to Hell....

God: Did you ever stop and think about the destiny of the children
before you created them? (
answers with another question)

Me: No Sir.

God:  I did the same think you did for the same reason you did. You just
created three and I created lots more...
One morning, sometime around 1990 I was driving to work listening to a local Christian
radio station. As fate would have it, there was this demon chasing preacher named Bob
Larson on there doing his show. He was sharing how he had a phone call to come in
from a fellow who asked this question, "if God is such a God of love, why did He create
so many people knowing they would spend eternity in Hell?"

    I thought to myself, " You know, that's a really good question...."

I had probably been a Christian for about 15 years at that time and was really thrilled to
be a part of the family of God. I had received so much from Him and was learning how
He uses our life situations to show us how we can relate to Him. At that particular time I
believed that just a very few people would be privileged enough to go to Heaven and
that most of humanity would not submit to Christ as their Lord, so, they would die and
go to Hell for all of eternity. I suppose the first few years of my Christian life I was so
caught up in church life and "doing the right thing" that I didn't question Hell too much, I
just accepted it.

But, that particular morning, it really started to trouble me. I knew if my children wanted
to know something about me that I would tell them and I knew that God said He was my
Father and I could ask Him for what I need.

    So, I asked God, " why did you create so many people knowing most of
    them would die without accepting Christ as their savior?"

It was just a matter of seconds and this "dialogue" with my heavenly Father( at least I
saw it that way) started up. This is how it went:

Well, what could I say? I was so blown away by having something else in common with
God that I completely forgot about the Hell part of the conversation. I'm telling you, I
was in love with this God!! Now, you may be saying, "Oh, you really didn't have a
conversation with God!"   All I can say is whether it was God or just my own "coping
mechanism", it scratched my itch quite well. If I didn't have a conversation with God I
had a really uplifting one with myself LOL!! And the information I got out of it, you must
admit, is right on.....  But, did you notice what God DID NOT SAY?  The reason for
creating people is all that was addressed in the conversation.

God never said " I created millions of people knowing they were going to Hell." In fact,
He says so many times in His word how He plans to restore all things. And He says that
all men everywhere will repent...and He say every knee will bow to Him and every
tongue will confess Christ as Lord. He knew none of the people He created had even a
remote chance of suffering forever.... God so loved the world!!

    Before you created your little people did you have any guarantee that they
    would spend eternity with God?

The rest of the story is all over this web site. God Bless!

                                                               Debbie :)