Elaine's comment: July 22, 2009

    Reading this brought a lot of relief, but I always question myself.. Do I actually believe in
    Jesus? Or even God himself? Sometimes I think too much and than BANG ! The Mayan theory
    hits me and I think, OMG, are all humans going to die, and is there no God? But I would dare
    not believe there is no God, yet I do not know if he is real, but I do.. I don't know,, But back to
    Jesus, I one day woke up so scared of the end of the world, and couldn't sleep for a whole
    entire day... I want to believe, but I seem not to feel it,, and!!
    there's a passage I think , it says that the righteous will live forever, but the sinners, hell and
    satan will eventually cease to exist... That's one thing that worries me.. And what you said
    about how we believe God because we think we should, I think that's true, everything you
    basically said is so true, yet I'm still scared of this place called Hell. I'm scared the father will
    not accept me, I'm a sinner and I know that, and every time I think about judgement day it
    scares me because I know I can do good, but yet I choose not to... Argh..

    My response:


    I am glad it brought "some" relief :)  I tried to email you but it was kicked back. Have you done any
    studying on the words in the Bible that give you trouble? I do believe when you realize the truth, and
    learn to not listen to your flesh, you will "feel" like a different person.

    I understand the fear because we are fallen and, naturally, we think the worst.  God said there is
    torment in fear. But He also said love moves fear out of the way...There is no fear in  God's love..if you
    know He loves us.

    It's not only the Mayan theory that says something is going to happen, it is Christians too. But, if God
    is in control of everything that happens, it will all be OK.  People, for ages, have been making
    predictions of disaster and some may be right. I believe there is a big change coming. For those who
    don't submit to Christ's love and provision, it will be trying and difficult  to say the least. For those
    who rely on Christ, there is nothing but good change coming to them/us.  

    Have you, in your search, ever found yourself coming close to thanking God for the salvation He has
    provided for humanity? Or, has it not become that apparent to you that He has? Evidently, it did to a
    point, because you said, what I said on my site had brought you some relief.

    Jesus gave us the perfect example of what to do with ideas and thoughts in our head that tempt us to
    act on suggestions that are not truth, when he was tempted by the devil in the wilderness. This is just
    part of life in this time period. You will notice that "the Spirit" led Him into the desert to be tempted.

    God's plan for this time period seems to be for us to hear the truth of what He did for humanity, then,
    believe it. You have no more "proof" for believing the Mayan theory than you do for believing the
    words of God.  Take the leap! God will prove Himself to you over and over as you walk with Him and
    allow Him to change you into the image of Christ.  
    He did say we can call on Him and He will answer....call on Him.

    Some say sinners will cease to exist, some say they will burn in Hell, forever. See what God says. Dig
    into the original meanings of the words in the Bible. Check out those beliefs with the rest of the
    Bible...Is it a common theme through out the Bible?  What does the Old Testament say about it?

    2 Corinthians 5 says humanity was reconciled to God, through Christ's death on the cross. And, that
    God is not holding our sins against us anymore. If we know this to be true, then, we should "be
    reconciled" . You might say if God has reconciled us already, why do we need to "be reconciled"?  If
    we are not reconciled/believing that God did what He did, we have no peace in this life. We are
    tossed around, not knowing what to believe and fearful. We are perishing, in this life!

    Paul said that faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God. He said the gospel is the power
    of God unto salvation. Find someone you know to be an honest, God fearing person and go to church
    with them. You don't have to believe everything they say but many of them do preach the basic
    gospel. (they may have God's judgments a little "confused" but the gospel message is the gospel
    message..period.  Remember Zachaeus? I believe it is impossible to genuinely look for God and NOT
    find Him.

    Elaine, lay your fears at the feet of Jesus and thank Him for taking away your sin. Call on Him and He
    will answer.  I would love to hear from you again.

    God Bless you,


This is a response I got from
Elaine, after she had read some
on the website.

I try to answer the comments and
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a little too lengthy to post on the
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that it really was important, I made
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So, Elaine, if you see this, I wish
you Godspeed in finding the truth
that will always bring freedom and

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